Want to Reduce Stress and Sleep Better?

Assess what is causing your stress:  Once you identify your stressors, you can try to take steps to reduce them.  Are you suffering from pain?  Are you overworked? Are finances bothering you? Figure out what is causing your increased stress and try to find ways to relax.

Seek social support: Spending more time with family and friends is important so you are able to share your experiences with people who care about you.  Find a support system.

Exercise: Exercise is a healthy way to blow off steam and reduce stress. 

Eat a healthy diet: A diet low in sugar, caffeine and alcohol consumption can promote health and reduce stress.  Being tired and sluggish can be due to eating junk food and sugar that are without nutritional value and are typically high in calories.

Delegate responsibility:  Assign household chores to your friends or family members so the burden is not all on you.  Accept assistance when needed.

These tips may help you sleep better at night.  If you find you are having a difficult time sleeping, call the Sleep Institute of New England and we can help. 603-347-8810


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