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2013 From the American Lung Association:

Asthma triggers are different for everyone.  It’s important to learn what you or your child’s asthma triggers are in the home, work or classroom and learn to avoid them.

Asthma triggers include:

Infections – colds, bronchitis, and sore throats

Avoid infections by:

  • getting flu shot
  • washing hands often

Allergies- pollens, dust mites, pets, molds, and pests

Avoid allergies by:

  • taking allergy medication
  • washing bedding in hot water once a week to kill dust mites or using mattress  and pillow covers to avoid exposure to dust mites
  • keeping pets out of house, especially out of the bedroom
  • preventing mold from growing by fixing water leaks and keeping humidity low
  • use traps to reduce mice and cockroaches – call an exterminator

Irritants- Cigarette smoke, wood smoke, candles, air pollution, cleaning products, sprays, perfumes and paints

Avoid irritants by:

  • not smoking or being around smoke
  • avoiding products with strong odors
  • reducing amount of products that you use

Behaviors – exercise and strong emotions (crying, laughing hard, shouting)

  • Taking inhaler before exercising
  • Calming child down and using good breathing techniques


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