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  • Important office changes

    Dear Patients, With sadness, I stopped seeing patients at my practice for family/personal reasons. This was not an easy decision for me, as caring for my patients was a great source of satisfaction and pleasure for many years. The Sleep Institute of New England…

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  • Phillips Respironics RECALL

    From the desk of Elizabeth A. Lynch, MD July 12, 2021   Dear Patients and Colleagues, On June 14, 2021, Phillips Respironics issued a recall for certain CPAP, BiPAP and ventilator machines secondary to potential health risks from a type of polyurethane…

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  • Sleep Apnea Screening

    Sleep Apnea Screening This month CNN.com had an article that was on screening for sleep apnea. The article discusses how sleep apnea can’t usually be detected by doctors during routine office visits but screening from your dentist may help.  Recent studies…

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  • Pulmonary Function Tests

    Pulmonary Function Tests Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) are used to check how well your lungs work. The tests determine how much air your lungs can hold, how quickly you can move air in and out of your lungs, and how well your lungs put oxygen into and remove…

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